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Star Wars Original Trilogy Changes: Darth Vader’s “Noooooooo!”

Another very controversial change, that I actually don’t mind (I even thought it was necessary) was Darth Vader’s “Noooooo!” As I try in vain to get you to see the positive side of the change, let’s delve into this in more detail.

Darth Vader had a decision to make: Either to watch his only son die, or to intervene and betray his own master and stop the torturing. With Darth Sidious (the Emperor) using his powerful Force Lightning, Vader decides to grab Palpitine and throw his old butt to the “abyss.”

We all know that. However, the change in question is when he shouts out a huge ‘No’ as he is doing it, apparently destroying Vader’s character.

I hear you, but hear me out, as this very much has to do with continuity and being in his shoes.

Imagine you love someone so much that you’d do anything to prevent her own death (the one you foreseen in your dream). Although actually a self-fulfilling prophecy, you’d save her no matter what the cost, so after a harsh burn and losing your best friend and wife forever, you get fixed up with a new armor, but found out that she died, not knowing what happened to your child (and you had no idea you had twins!).

I don’t know about you, but I’d feel pretty angry. It wouldn’t be a surprise if you yelled in anger, possibly with a ‘no!”.

I know, we’re talking about the Prequel where he says it, but I’m putting together the connection.

Vader later found out he has a son and that the product of Padmé and his love is alive; the only reminder that there is hope. To see him dying stirred up an emotion so huge; he couldn’t help but bring it out as he tosses Sidious.

I honestly wouldn’t believe that Vader wouldn’t even say anything as he tossed the old man over. Just because throughout the first two OT movies he’s not the kind of person to say much doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t when his own emotions is charged.

I think people created an image of him based off of what we know, when in fact, we didn’t know much about him (before the PT). In Episode II and III, we learned that he does indeed yell out in anger and speaks when out of place, so that makes the ‘no’s a lot more fitting.

So good job, Lucas, for making a change for a character HE created.


Question: Did you think the change made sense? Comment below.

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Star Wars Original Trilogy Changes: Minor Changes

This is going to be a quick list of minor changes left for Return of the Jedi and what I think of them. They’re aren’t big deal ones (that I know of) but nonetheless is used to clean up and update the OT either for continuity with the PT or things Lucas wanted to do but couldn’t back then, because of lack of technology.

  1. In 1997, a scene was added where Oola falls in the pit and actually shows what was going down as she was facing her untimely fate. In the original scene, it was a complete mystery that shrouded the viewer of what could have happened to her and builds up that tension when Luke, himself, entered. Although may consider to actually be a huge change, I didn’t think it was as much big of a deal as the others.

I have nothing against both versions, but I personally think Lucas could have save both his money and time and our time by continuing to have made it a mystery of what went down there (for the kiddies).When R2-D2 and 3-CPO walks to Jabba’s big door, the camera pans in from afar, making the door seem larger than it is.

Nice touch!

2.  The last part wasn’t a big deal, but I thought this one was: Boba Fett is a player?

Lord have mercy.

Whoa there, Fett.

I thought that was random, but that’s probably because we don’t know much about him (nor Jango Fett). Okay, Lucas.

3.   A “Dug” was added in. The Dug is the alien race that shares it with Sebulba. This is more of a continuity thing than it is          adding background stuff for atmosphere, I think.

4.   The Sarlacc Pit now has a beak; a mouth within a mouth.


Although Lucas’ original designed actually involve it with a beak, technology was limited back then, so they settled with what they had. What’s weird is that it has these teeth things all around the hole, but there are indeed thorns because it’s a plant-based monster. Go figure.

5.   Han assuring Lando that he can shoot just fine [because he can see better].


This one was really funny because the two lines can make the situation totally different. On the one hand, originally, Han made it seem like, although he was still blind from being thawed out, he should still be trusted with saving Lando. Lord have mercy.

In the change, this made Lando feel a whole lot better, as Han tells him, “I can see a lot better now”.

Bet you Han was using the Force, the first time.

This may or may not be the most exciting post, but I thought the changes were slightly interested. I purposely left out the really subtle ones, although we can both agree I listed some of them already. Were you really upset at one of these changes? Comment below.

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Star Wars Original Trilogy Changes: The Freak Is With Jedi Rocks?

I think I covered most of the huge changes in Episode VI. But there’s one more change I need to get out the way.

Near the beginning of VI, in Jabba’s Palace, there’s a scene with a band playing called the Max Rebo Band. In the original scene, you see the blue elephant guy (Siiruulian Phantele), the other band players, this deformed alien lady thing with a long mouth singing (Sy Snootles) and Oola (the green, dancing alien lady). A nice, upbeat song is plating in the background as Jabba gets… hungry? Well, the whole scene goes just alright (the song name is called “Lepti Nek”).

For the first time, there is a change that I don’t like. The change appeared in the 2011 edition, which changed the song from “Lepti Nek” to “Jedi Rocks”.

To me, it sounds dated and corny, which is so weird because this change is relatively recent. It sounds like a type of music video, which makes it distracting. And that horrid deformed alien can now move, thanks to CGI. I think I need to kill it with fire.

Doesn’t feel like it belongs in Star Wars. Or anything for that matter. If it did, it’d be too late, because it feels 80’s-ey. The guy alien with the big mouth (Joh Yowza)was really awkward, too.

In the original, the song wasn’t even a distraction (very similar with “Mad About Me”, the Cantina song). But this… Lord have mercy. I get Lucas was thinking of the children, but I think it’s safe to say that they shouldn’t be scarred too early in life. Unless they have seen Jar Jar Binks.

Question: Which version did you like the most? Comment below.

Star Wars Original Trilogy Changes: Yub Nub vs. Victory Celebration

This is the second to last major change in Episode VI: The change in music of the ending song (before the credits).

Just like my last post, your feelings towards it is dependent on which version you watched. It was in the 1997 Special Edition that they made the change: changing the music from the Ewok’s “Yub Nub” to (I guess it was still the Ewok’s) softer, still tribal “Victory Celebration”.

I know, I know: Yub Nub sounds like some Sesame Street song. Many people thought it didn’t fit the ending at all. I understand that after all six Episodes of adventure, struggles, fighting, deaths and victories that at the end they play this kiddy song from a bunch of teddy bears that a lot of people didn’t like.

But I like it. I think it fits in nicely after the fierce battle everyone had. After all, it became the Ewok’s battle when they joined their cost (thanks to Leia and C-3PO). Most of the battle took place in Endor, where they live, and fought hard.

After all was done and over, they celebrated. People were dancing, hugging were happy. And what was the song? A victory song in their language. Here is the lyric.

It fits because that song means more than just some Minion-sounding jabbering; it means that the Empire has fallen and it’s time to celebrate: using their words and music.

But don’t get me wrong: I like Victory Celebration, also. The best part about it, to me, is seeing all the different places celebrating after the fall of the Empire. It astounds me that they all heard the news so quickly, too; must be that Space Twitter.

The music is nice and calming, but fits. It fits after all the struggles everyone had since Episode I. I like them both, but I have to admit that Yub Nub sounds a lot more fun.

Question: Were you relieved by the change? Leave your answer in the comments.

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Star Wars Original Trilogy Changes: Who’s That Long Hair Jedi Ghost?

Starting these series on my takes of the Star Wars changes to the Original Trilogy (OT) is a post in complete reverse order: From the last change we see in the last movie, Return of the Jedi. I did it this way because I can. And also because it’s a very controversial and interesting one.

So who’s that long hair hippie-looking teenager who was supposed to be Anakin Skywalker? Wait…  that is Anakin? What happened to Sebastian Shaw?
Let’s back up for a second. Depending on whether you grew up watching the unchanged OT or not, you may dislike the change, like it, or don’t mind it.

Or someone like me who hasn’t watched the OT for many years and after watching the ending, said, “Whoa, they foresighted what Anakin would look like before he turned to the Dark Side?” Yes, I had completely forgotten about Sebastian Shaw, who originally played as Anakin’s Force Ghost.

It was in the release of the 2004 DVD that the change was made. The reason George Lucas changed it from Shaw to Hayden Christensen (changing only the head) is for continuity reasons (with the Prequel Trilogy).

From the representation of an Anakin Skywalker who redeemed himself and came back as a ghost of an unharmed body, to a much younger youth who appears as he looked at the time when he was given the title Darth Vader, this has caused controversy.

On the one hand, there are believes that when you die, you look just like what you were when you die as a ghost. Prior to the change, this was the case, plus the fact that he wasn’t burned anymore. This makes a lot of sense and Lucas could simply have kept it in even after Revenge of the Sith.

On the other hand that was sliced off with a light saber, because Anakin was redeemed, instead of looking like an old man, he revert back to the last time he wasn’t a Sith, when he was ALIVE. So I can understand the logic behind the change.

I understand both points, actually. Although I think both sides are equally correct, this change resulted with Lucas getting death threats (I hope that wasn’t true). I think the hate comes from nostalgia but I don’t think we should let it affect how we feel for the whole movie series.

Here’s my take: Lucas was thinking of the future generation of the viewers. He probably thought, “People are going to watch this in episode order. By them experiencing Anakin before turning to the Dark Side, by the time they watched the end of Episode VI, they’d recognize Anakin’s ghost automatically and would make the redemption of Anakin even better”.

I don’t know, but that’s what I believe.

Question: Were you disturb by the change? Leave your answer in the comment.

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My Goals For My Page; What I Want to Accomplish by Doing This

Hello, guys. This first post will be sweet and simple. As much as I like Star Wars, like a lot of things, this blog page I put up has the sole purpose of putting my abilities to write fun-to-read articles out there and optimize as much of my chances of being hired to write for someone as best I can. Along with another blog page I have, I hope to make a good living doing what I love, which is to type up stuff that would be of value and/or entertainment to people, and to keep getting paid so I can keep on writing (too honest?)

So enjoy my posts regarding interesting facts and my opinions to one of the most famous film series of all time. In all my articles, I always try to be as direct and different as much as possible.


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